Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Time Wasters - March 1

I'm not really a fan of Kelly Clarkson but I'm digging this song: Heartbeat Song.

I kinda want to make this Somerset Star. But it looks pretty complicated...

Some of my fabric designs can now be found on Woven Monkey which is a site like Spoonflower, but based in the UK. And of course you can still find my designs on Spoonflower.

This sketching/drawing event at the V&A, hosted by Urban Sketchers London sounds like fun. I'd love to go but I'm not sure I can get myself to go on my own. Anyone fancy meeting me there?

Speaking of arty things: The Little Painting Challenge from the BBC. {via}

These hand painted ceramic plate installations are pretty amazing.

As are these sculptures made from galvanized wire (aka chicken wire). Seriously, wow.

Full disclosure, man: I get a commission when someone buys my fabric designs on Woven Monkey or Spoonflower. So you can buy fabric and support this blog. Nice. :-)
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Finished Project :: Time Warp Bag

Time Warp bag
Last week I carved out some time to make myself a new bag. And I'm so glad I did. Because it is the nicest bag I have ever made. I have made bags before, but on this one I really went all out.

Time Warp bag
First of all, I quilted the outside fabric with these narrowly spaced lines. The fabric (a bark cloth) needed some support and quilting seemed like a good way to do that. So this was done out of necessity but holy batman, I totally love the look of it. It's not the last time I'll be doing this.

Even if it is an extra step that takes for-like-ever. But it's definitely worth it, right?

I also added interfacing to the lining fabric to make the bag extra sturdy.

Time Warp bag
Last year I made a bag with a sort-of recessed zipper, but because that bag was really floppy and not interfaced, you can't tell that the zipper is recessed. However, on this bag you definitely can tell that it's recessed. I made sure of that. The casing (or whatever you call it) is sewn to the side so the zipper won't pop above the edge of the bag.

I have a lot of extra seams in this bag. I wanted it to be strong! So I can carry all my crap stuff with me. :-)

Time Warp bag
I used a bit of the outer fabric to line the pocket. It's fun to just get a peep of a different fabric when you look inside.

The straps are made from brown fake leather that I had in my stash. Sewing the first strap went fairly easily but the second one was just a right pain. I think I did 3 times before I finally gave up and checked the internet for help. Covering it with tissue paper made it so much easier to sew.

Fabric notes
Outer fabric: Quadrant Pink from the Time Warp collection from Cloud9, designed by Jessica Jones.
Lining fabric: Commute by Taxi from the Gramercy collection from Art Gallery Fabrics, designed by Leah Duncan.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Stitching Elizabeth

New office in the spare bedroom
Hi friends. Happy Monday. Things have been kinda quiet here lately. Life has managed to get in the way, I guess. Having Blake in our lives has been a bit of a transition, but we're all settling into the new routine.

Speaking of routine. For the past month, Tony has been home because he took voluntary redundancy from his old job. But today he started in his new job, yay! As nice it's been, having him home and spending more time with him, it's also been kinda distracting. We've been doing stuff around the house and Tony watches a lot more TV than I do, but once it's on.. I sometimes would get sucked into watching it too.

But one of our house projects should help prevent that in future: we turned the third bedroom into an office for me. Which is very, very good. Because it reduces distractions. At the moment there is just the desk in there, so I have no choice but get on with some work. Although I'm sure I'll fill with stuff soon enough.

Getting the computer out of the living room will hopefully force me to finish my work at a reasonable time and not keep working in the evening. Because that kinda happened a lot before. ;-)

Stitching Elizabeth I
I've not done much embroidery in the past month or so but a couple of weeks ago I started a new embroidery just for fun. Just for me. It kinda feels like a new direction... I've visited the Tudors exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery a few times and this embroidery is based on a sketch I've done there. It's Elizabeth I. in case you didn't recognise her. ;-)

You can follow my stitchy process on Instagram - I even gave her a hashtag: #stitchymisslizzie. I've had several people ask if it will be a pattern. That wasn't my plan at all to start with, but I think I will make it as a pattern. Especially since I have a bunch of ideas for other people it would be fun to stitch. So watch this space if you want to stitch some Tudor peeps too. :-)

Stitching Elizabeth I

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend Time Wasters - February 15

This song has been on very frequent rotation here at the moment: Roots* by Orla Gartland.

3D calligraphy experiments. So very cool. tells you the best time to go to bed. I need to be better at going to bed at a decent time. May try and give this a go. If I can pull myself away from late re-runs of Wonders of The Solar System. ^_^

I am in love with this Drawing Nature: A Journal by Jill Bliss. Sooo pretty.

I love this mini quilt pattern from Jeli Quilts: Tissue Box. I hope I can carve out some time to make it this weekend. I hope I have enough different solid colour fabrics.

Since the arrival of my niece and nephew, I look out for cute baby stuff. Like these pants with room for diaper baby bums from Purl Soho.

I may have shared this version of my Tree of Love embroidery (with added text), but it's worth repeating because it's so pretty. You can buy the pattern here. (Doesn't include any text.)

This astronaut brooch is mine. All mine. :-)

*Amazon UK affiliate link, yo.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Screen print and stitching

Since last summer I have been thinking about something new. When I tried screen printing at the Fat Quarterly Retreat I was hooked and not a week has gone by where I haven't thought about it. Because Karen made it seem achievable without a lot of fancy equipment.

In the autumn i experimented a bit with screen print embellished with embroidery and I fell in love. I had planned on work on some more designs in January but then the VAT thing happened and I had to put it to one side.

However, now I am determined to do something about it. For myself. But for you as well. I haven't decided the exact shape of this, but it will probably be a set of designs that can be embellished (or left plain) with embroidery or anything else. Beads, buttons..!

I had lots of fun stitching the examples you can see in the photos. It's like instant embroidery patterns where you can add any stitches you like. And there's no need to fill in with satin stitch. ;-)

Stitching on screen print
The designs could be hooped on their own, sewn onto tote bags or maybe used in quilts. I can see a lot of fun options with the ideas I have floating around in my head!

If it's something you might be interested in, I'd love to hear from you in this wee questionnaire. Thanks! x

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