Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy... bunny.. chocolate...!

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter! Don't eat too much chocolate! ;-)

Tony and I are off to Hampton Court Palace today. I've never been there before. I'm looking forward to it!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Patchworky makeup pouch

Blue and green makeup pouch
I've had 'make new pouch/bag for your makeup' on my mental to-do-soon list for, I dunno, probably two years and I finally made one! Huzzah!

Blue and green makeup pouch
The old was looking rather grubby, despite being washed several times, so it was time for a replacement. And this is it! I used two different fabrics on both sides. And then I added a different one to the bottom. Out of necessity *ahem* because I cut the other pieces too short. ;-)

I used one of the fancy lace zips to finish it off.

In case you're as obsessed with fabric as I am becoming, this is what I used.
In the top photo:
- The strawberries don't have a proper name that I can find, but it is part of the Old New Fabric 30s collection from Lecien.
- Patty Young Moorish Tile in Turquoise from the Andalucia collection.

In the bottom photo:
- Amy Butler Nanna Chic cloud in 'Dreamer' colour from the Lark collection.
- Denyse Schmidt Medallion in Green from the Flea Market Fancy Collection (reprint, not the original one).

The bottom on both sides is my own Wonky Dots Cool. (There are two other colourways of that: Wonky Dots Warm and Wonky Dots.)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Stitch tutorial: Fly stitch

Fly Stitch Tutorial
I meant to post this tutorial for fly stitch when I posted about the Parterre de l'Eau pattern. Because fly stitch is used quite a lot in that pattern. The wavy lines? Fly stitch!

I really like this stitch. It is quite versatile. Look at that photo up there. I've used it as individual stitches, with slightly varying lengths of the 'stems', in a row (that's how I used it in the Parterre pattern), as a scatter stitch and in a pattern. And there are probably many more ways to use it!

Fly stitch is really easy to do. Especially if you already know how to do the daisy stitch.

Fly Stitch Tutorial
Pull your needle and thread up through the fabric at (A), then push it down at (B). Don't pull the thread completely tight, instead pull the needle through at (C) and catch the loose-ish thread. Push the thread down again at (D) to finish the stitch. See? Easy-peasy!

Parterre de l'Eau embroidery pattern

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The last clouds...

Last clouds
Last week I cut the last squares for my cloud quilt! I love this fabric design. Looove! Yesterday I spent a few hours laying out the quilt on our bed and I started sewing together the quilt top. Yay! Hopefully, I will be able to dig out a few free hours so I can finish it this week. :-)

Pretty scraps
I kinda struggle with keeping things tidy when I sew/cut fabric. Loose threads and bits of fabric pile up in random piles. But recently I've been forcing myself to find some systems to try and keep the chaos at bay. For example, I have this bin right next to me, so all bits of thread go straight in there when I cut them. The same goes for scraps of fabric that are too small to be used for anything. Scraps that are large enough to be used go in a small wooden bowl to be sorted through at some point.

And I've also got a lot better at tidying my desk after I finish a project. When the project is finished, everything related to it goes back to their places. I know it's not rocket science, but when you're a bit of a messy person it feels like a bit of a breakthrough to be able to keep things tidy. ;-)

Do you keep your desk/workspace tidy? Do you struggle like me?

PS. In case anyone is wondering: that cute metal butterfly bin is from BHS. :-)

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Join the Stitchy Swap on &Stitches

&Stitches Swap
Do you love embroider? Of course you do! ;-)

Over on the &Stitches blog we're hosting a stitchy swap. Make an embroidery with 'Places' and make a new friend. If you think that sounds great, you should take part in the swap. We would love it if you did! Check it out here.

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