Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fat Quarterly Retreat recap

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014
Happy quilting obsessed people. That's what last weekend was about at the Fat Quarterly Retreat. Too much fun. ;-)

And a delicious goodie bag with pretties from Moda Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs, Makower, Dashwood Studios, Soak, and Korbond.

Oh but wait! I don't think I actually mentioned that I was going to FQR this year - if you were there and I missed you, I'm sorry! I wasn't supposed to go this year, but on a whim I entered a competition in a recent issue of Love Quilting & Patchwork magazine and don't you know, I friggin' won! I never win nuthin', so maybe I was the only one who entered?! ;-) Anyway, thank you LQ&P for this unexpected gift!

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014
All the workshops were great, but my favourite was screen printing with Karen Lewis of Blueberry Park. I have a few books about screen printing, but they are all using fancy materials that are either costly or require a lot of space, so I've never actually tried it. But in this workshop we used some almost household items so screen printing seems a lot more achievable.

I could easily have spent all day printing any available flat surface! I'm definitely going to have a screen printing day in the near future. You know I love Spoonflower, but to print fabric with my own two hands, that's just awesome. :-)

Karen has written a book called Screen Printing at Home and I am definitely going to add it to my collection at some point. :-)

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014
This is from the last workshop I took, making a quilt top from Amy Smart's book Fabulously Fast Quilts - and it was taught by Amy as well. The small squares in her example quilt top were from Denyse Schmidt's new fabric line, Hadley. I didn't have fabric envy at.all. ;-)

I didn't finish any of the projects in the workshops, but that's fine. The best thing about the workshops are all the little tips and tricks you pick up from the teachers - and the other participants! I'm not a very experienced quilter so there's lots to learn and everyone does things differently which is really interesting.

All in all a great weekend, with nice people, lots to learn and hot-hot weather, phew! Thank you to all the FQR crew for an inspiring weekend!

*Book links are Amazon affiliate links, yo!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back from Denmark

Copenhagen - July 2014
We're back from our holiday in Denmark! We had a great time and great weather. Too great, almost. Phew, it was hot!

While there we spent a couple of days in Copenhagen, which was lovely. I pretty much only took photos in Copenhagen for some reason... I'll show you some more next week!

Right now I'm still sort of catching up on all.the.things because this past weekend I was at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London so I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground. ;-)

Nyhavn - Copenhagen - July 2014
Nyhavn in Copenhagen. So pretty.

Dronningens Gobeliner - Copenhagen - July 2014
Tapestries in Christiansborg ('Borgen'), made for the Danish Queen's 50th birthday. Pretty spectacular.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fabric designer crush: Leah Duncan

Leah Duncan fabric crush
I have another fabric designer crush: Leah Duncan. Oh my. She's a fairly new fabric designer, as far as I know, but I do hope she'll keep doing fabric because what she's done so far with Art Gallery Fabrics is so beautiful.

I don't have loads of her fabric, but I am keeping my eye out for sales. And I *may* have panic stashed those in the photo. Just look how pretty they are! Love, love, love. They are from the Meadow line and I just love the selvedge, see:

Leah Duncan fabric crush
Pretty, right?

I can't wait for her next line, Gramercy, to come out. It too looks gorgeous. And is a great mix of floral and geometric designs.

Dear Art Gallery Fabrics, won't you send me some? I'd make something really pretty, promise! :-)

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scallop edge scissors for fabric!

Scallop edge scissors for fabric!
I've been looking for scissors that cut a scallop edge instead of triangles as you find with pinking shears. Scissors like that were surprisingly hard to find. 'Fancy' scissors are pretty much always for paper and won't be much good when cutting fabric or felt.

Scallop edge scissors for fabric!
But a little while ago I found what I was looking for. Hurray! Just look at that neat scallop-y edge!

I thought I'd share the link with you in case you've also been looking for this kind of scissors. I bought the scallop edge scissors from Cloud Craft. Oh by the way, if you've never bought on Etsy before, use this link first* and you should get £5.00 towards your first purchase!

*Affiliate link.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recipe: Marinara sauce, peas and polenta lasagna - vegan

Love Leftovers
Some people probably think, 'ugh, leftovers, that's not very sexy!' But I love them. I think of them more as 'Hurray! No need to cook from scratch today, so I can spend more time crafting!' ;-) I love getting creative with how I use the leftovers too. Sometimes I discover new favourite dishes. Like this one!

I had some leftover marinara sauce, but didn't fancy pasta or pizza, and I didn't have any lasagna. Hmm.. what to do? But then I came across a pack of polenta in the cupboard and that makes a very good lasagna replacement. To make sure I got my five-a-day, I also used a few handfuls of peas and a couple of tomatoes. ;-)

There are no exact measurements because by the very nature of leftovers, you don't always have the same amount of ..whatever. But that's when you improvise! :-)

What I used:

A decent portion of marinara sauce - use your favourite recipe or find one on the internet. Or use a ready made jar of sauce.
A pack of ready to use polenta (or make it from scratch if you want).
A couple of tomatoes, diced.
2-3 handfuls of peas
A bit of grated (vegan) cheese

What I did:
Cut the polenta into slices that are approx. 5mm / 1/4" thick. Since polenta doesn't have a lot of flavour on its own, I usually fry the slices in a bit of oil with some herbs (garlic, rosemary and thyme) and then put them on some kitchen roll paper to soak off excess oil. But you can skip the frying step and use the slices as they are.

Cover the bottom of an oven proof dish lightly with a bit of the marinara, then put slices of polenta on top. Cover with sauce, then add the peas and tomatoes. Add another layer of polenta and finish with the rest of the sauce. Sprinkle the cheese on top.

Bake in the oven at 200°C for about 20-25 minutes.

Enjoy! :-)

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