Monday, November 28, 2016

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Table Mats :: Romantic Motif Project

Table mat from Romantic Motifs
One of a 'set' of table mats from Romantic Motifs. It's stitched very differently than on the motif page in the book.

Table mat from Romantic Motifs
Here it is with the other table mat. I love the contrast between the fill stitches in the flowers and the outline of the leaves. And although they are done differently, I think they go together because similar colours have been used for both of them. Same but different. Sort of. :-)

Table mat from Romantic Motifs
Blake. Of course, he had to see what was going on.... Silly boy. :-D

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In Print :: Patchwork Embroidery

Patchwork Embroidery by Aimee Ray
This arrived a couple of weeks ago, Aimee Ray's new book Patchwork Embroidery.

It's full of Aimee's sweet embroidery patterns and a whole bunch of patchwork-y projects. And guess what, I have a project in the book! Looky-look!

Embroidery in Patchwork Embroidery by Aimee Ray
Aimee drew the flowers, but I guess she knows my style pretty well, because it looks like something I would have drawn!

Fun fact about this embroidery: my mum helped me do a bit of it because I worked on this last autumn when I was also working on Romantic Motifs. And my parents just happened to be visiting when I was staring down the deadlines and so my mum helped me out a bit. :-D

I love the wooden button I used, it's a vintage juniper wood button. I have a bunch of them, that used to belong to my grandmother. I love how they are all unique and special. :-)

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Table Runner :: Romantic Motifs Project

Table runner from Romantic Motifs
Another project from Romantic Motifs. On the motif page, I stitched this pattern in orange and lilac colours, which feels more romantic than this version. In all red it feels positively Scandinavian! ;-)

Table runner from Romantic Motifs
It embellishes one end of a table runner from IKEA. I really like the contrast between the leaves and flowers and the stripes on the runner. I think it's fun to stitch on top of prints. Especially when there's a contrast between the background and the embroidery. :-)

Blake and table runner out take. :-D
Every time I'm taking pictures of something, there Blake is, sticking his nose in! I swear, he has a photo-radar! Either that or he just has to be the centre of attention! :-D

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy 270th Anniversary, DMC!

DMC 24 carat gold thread
Last week something very unexpected came through our letter box, a bobbin from DMC with 24 carat gold thread! WHAT?!

This year, DMC are celebrating their 270th anniversary and I must say they are doing it in style! They have produced a limited number of 24 carat gold skeins of thread which comes in a nice box with a book about the history of the company. You can check that out here, it looks really nice!

I'm really honoured that DMC sent this bobbin to me and let me be a tiny part of their birthday celebrations. DMC thread is special to me, and not just because I work with it pretty much every day. In the late 70s - early 80s, my grandparents owned a knitting/haberdashery shop. I have very vivid memories of opening little drawers with DMC written on them. Full of a rainbow of thread, of course! :-)

I don't know if I can make myself use any of my precious gold thread. It's so pretty! Maybe if I find a very-very special project. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just stroke it and look at it shimmering in the light.

Here's a little video DMC put together, showing the gold skeins being put together. Lovely! :-)

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