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June 14, 2006

Black/grey Wednesday

Grey as a dragon
Originally uploaded by wardi.

T likes dragons a lot. He has quite a few. They are all pretty much the same colour; like this one. I don't care that much for them, but this one made a surprisingly good photo subject I think.

T's mum doesn't like the dragons - I think she was glad to see the back of them when he moved away from home. And maybe puzzled that I don't mind having them around the flat...

Well, considering all the flowery and pink crap I fill the house with, I think there's roomfor a few dragons. They are also my sign in Chinese astrology, so I guess I shouldn't mind them much. ;-)

Grey is a strange colour. To me anyway. It's not very colourful...I rarely use it -maybe I just don't know how to control it- it usually turns everything into mud.

More colour week photos here. Tomorrow is blue.

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