Monday, June 12, 2006


Week of colour: white
Originally uploaded by wardi.

There's this meme -I guess you could call it- going around the interwebbynet. It's called Color week, and it's started by little birds and mav.

You have to take pictures of things in a certain colour each day. Thus today it's white. The rest of the week are: brown, black or grey, blue and, finally, red.

The first three are somewhat... odd colours for me. I rarely use them. Especially black is virtually banned from any colour box I have... We'll see what I come up with.

This photo, well it's jewelry. The large daisy used to belong to my (maternal) grandma - now I've sort of permanently borrowed it from my mum. It's quite special to me. The other daisy is a brooch which was a present from my paternal grandparents. So that is also special.

I actually like this photo - it seems so (errr) white and clean. Maybe white isn't so bad after all...

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