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Friday, June 30, 2006

Work in progress - more Muffles

Muffles - work in progress
Originally uploaded by wardi.
Remember Murray from yesterday?? Well, today I've been preparing some more Muffles! They are all ready to be sewn! Yay!

I'm using a lot of pins to pin 'em together - I've used almost all my pins!! - because of the feet... Dunno if there's an easier way to do them..

You can see Murray looking over the fabric, he's eagerly awaiting some playmates!

The orange fabric is some quilt covers I've thrifted and the blue one is also quilt covers. But they were my own, from IKEA. Sometimes IKEA has some great fabrics and soft furnishings.

Hopefully, I'll get these put together tomorrow morning - cause in the afternoon we're going round T's parents' - there's another England match for the others to watch and for me to ignore. Hehe. Gives me some time to do some embroidery... More little kitties, methinks!

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