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Monday, July 10, 2006

Mikki the Muffle

Mikki the Muffle
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I finally finished one of the Muffles I mentioned last week. I had a problem with the "feet", and I put off fixing it, so it took longer than planned.

This chap is called Mikki. T named him - and yes, it's a boy, despite the pink feet. ;-)

He's going to Denmark with me, as a present for my friends' newborn boy, Mathias. I hope Mikki will be well-loved. Although I have no illusions about the attention span of little kiddies. ^_^

Another Muffle is almost done. Hopefully I'll have time to finish it before I go to Denmark on holiday. Sheesh, it's so weird to say I'm going on holiday in my native country!

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