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Thursday, August 3, 2006

#1 projects and ideas

Here's a new thing I've been meaning to do for some time. I keep finding these cool links: things I want to make/do at some point. But I never seem to get round to it, so the links are just sort of forgotten.

Well, I'm going to start posting those links here, maybe then I'll finally get (some of) the things done. A few links each week, I think. Hope you enjoy them.

So, here we go.

Fingerstrik - Finger knitting. I used to do this when I was little. The text is in Danish, but you should be able to follow the pictures.

Mini Star Book Ornament. More of a Christmas-y thing...

Not A Scrap Book. Make a book with photos. Although, usually my photos never make it from digital to paper.

Pyramid Truffle Boxes. I just love pretty boxes.

How to: make a sock bird. Just so cute!

Messenger bag with gusset tutorial. There are so many cool tutorials on Craftster!

Lino print - tutorial. I used to hate doing this sort of thing in school. Possibly because I was impatient: you had to carve the thing BEFORE you got to the fun part of printing! But now I think I'm more patient, so I'm gonna give this a go.

Fabric mache baskets. So so cute!

Tote bag tutorial. Mmmm.. bags!

Pencil stamps. From Martha Stewart. Such a simple idea, and so pretty.

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