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August 7, 2006

Balls of inspiration

A benefit of having a three year-old "nephew" (apart from the obvious ones: he's cute and funny), is that it gives you access to toys. I love taking pictures of toys! They are so fun and colourful and just make me smile.

Plus, I think they can be really inspiring. For example this picture of balls in a paddling pool - just look at those colours! - this could be the inspiration for a painting, or embroidery or a quilt.

I like taking pictures of everyday things. Cause, you know, they were designed too. And just because we see and use them everyday doesn't mean they are any less worthy of notice or recognition than "design" or "art".

In fact, maybe they deserve more recognition, cause they have to stand up to being lived with everyday, not just when we fancy looking at something pretty...

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