Monday, August 21, 2006

Old books

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I had a bit of a rummage in my parents' loft when I was in Denmark and I found a few favourite books from when I was little.

Like the book that these are pages from: Regnbue-Rim. It means Rainbow Rhymes. The text wont make much sense to you, unless you understand Danish of course. ;-)

But the illustrations are so pretty! And it brings back a load of memories leafing through it. Although leafing isn't so easy, I loved this book so much and it shows; it's falling apart!

Looking through these books, I realise where some of my likes and inspirations come from. Funny how images from your childhood can keep influencing you...

Pictures of all the pages are in this Flickr set. Pictures from more book treasures will be in the same set once I get them organized.

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