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Friday, September 1, 2006

#2 projects and ideas

Here are some more things I want to try... theoretically, anyway. Who knows when I'll ever get round to it..? ;-)

Baby clothes sun print. I've not tried this, but it looks cool, and I'm sure you could do it with other things. If you don't happen to have baby clothes lying around. ;-)

Last minute brooches. So cute and pretty - you don't have to do them at the last minute!

Friendship bracelets. I used to make these when I was little... but we used them for key rings. In fact, my parents still have a couple of those!

How to make a lavender wand. So pretty and fragrant. Shame I haven't got any lavender. Matbe someday...

Neck tie bag. If you have a lot of ties you don't use anymore.

Food knitting link directory. Now if only I knew how to follow a knitting pattern...

Flower hairpin tutorial. If it's something with flowers you just know it has to be good.

Biscornu pincushion tutorial. Such an unusual shape, and very pretty. Gotta love pincushions!

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