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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday - Design

Inspire Me Thursday "design"
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Since I've not been doing Illustration Friday for ages, I guess it's fitting that I start doing another challenge. It's called Inspire Me Thursday, which is a weekly dose of inspiration to be creative, try new techniques and explore new mediums.

This is my first time doing it and I thought it would be "easy" because the theme was "Inspired by design", magazines, catalogues, adverts and stuff like that. And I've got a pretty big pile of magazines, so I was sure I'd find LOADS that would inspire me. Not so.

In fact, most of the magazines had pretty boring ads, and not a lot of the articles had interesting layouts. Odd, really, these are actually quite inspiring magazines.

So, I was looking in a drawer for something else and a few torn-out magazine pages surfaced and one of them was JUST RIGHT! Obviously, or I'd not have torn it out of whatever magazine it came from. Isn't it funny how you can't *force* inspiration??

Anyway, the inspiration for this work is this magazine ad for a watch. To be honest, I think the watch seems out of place. The background is so pretty and the watch is just kinda boring and well...yeah.

Inspire Me Thursday

So it is the background that inspired me. The colours work really great together and I love the drawings and such.

In my piece I've used some of the same colours and the background is decorated in a way that is a bit like the one in the ad. I used gouache in my Moleskine and the drawing of the teapot is done with a black marker. The teapot wasn't in my original idea, but when I'd finished it sans teapot, I felt that it lacked...something. A contrast to the colours, and I think the black linework creates that.

I spend way too little time just playing around with colours and such, so I hope that doing these challenges will help me do that! I'm really happy with this first one; I may have to do more similar ones, in fact!

And because I felt energized by this exercise, I actually made another one for this week's theme. It can be seen here.

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