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September 20, 2006

Lots of work, not much to show

Embroidered whisk
Originally uploaded by wardi.
It's annoying that I haven't got a lot of finished projects to show. Cause I'm working bloody hard at the moment, but it seems nothing gets finished. Possibly because I'm working on several different things at the same time.

I like jumping from project to project, because I get bored otherwise, but that does mean that actually finishing something takes longer than it would if I could just sit down and finish this dagnabbit!

At the moment I'm working on some mobile cozies/bags, a pincushion, a bag, x number of mittens, x number of embroidered bookmarks (actually, I haven't started those yet, but they are very much at the back of my mind).

But I did finish this little embroidery project. It is a whisk, as you can maybe tell. I first did a blind contour drawing of the whisk and then I used that as a pattern. I didn't transfer it to the cloth first, I just freehanded it. Much in keep with the spirit of a blind contour drawing, I think!

The brown is not part of the piece, that's just a bit of felt for background. The fabric used for this piece as all recycled either from clothing or old pillow cases.

Not entirely sure what my intention was with this, but I guess I think it's look nice in a frame or something. And it doesn't really matter, what matters is that it was fun to make and, I think, it turned out rather pretty.

And because it turned out so well, I'm going to do a whole series of them. Just because! ;-)

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