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October 5, 2006

Brooches before a small break

Flower brooches
Originally uploaded by wardi.
Look what I *just* whipped up yesterday. Is it ok to say that I totally love these?? I do! They are all my favourite colours combined: pink, orange, aqua and fuchsia.

And I wish I had time to make a whole bunch of them right this minute!! But it'll have to wait till I come back from Denmark - or maybe I can get a few done while I'm over there.

Yeah, right. I've got loads of things to do while I'm there. Tomorrow some of my friends are coming round for dinner (and in all likelyhood I'll be completely shattered by 9pm from being up way before the crack of dawn!), Saturday I'm going to pick up T at the airport in the morning and then in the afternoon my mum and I are supposed to go to another city to catch a couple of exhibitions.

Sunday I might be going to visit/surprise an artist friend of mine who has an open studio day, I haven't seen her in a few years, so that's going to be interesting. In the afternoon T and I are going to a christening of some of my friends' little boy. I'm feeling exhausted already!

And I have to work on a present for my sister while I'm there, but obviously I can't say anything else about it lest she reads this and the surprise is spoiled!

Some holiday, huh?!

Well, I better get on with my packing. Leaving it to the almost last minute, of course! Although I've got an extensive list of what I need to pack, so I should be ok. ;-)

So, until later - and have a lovely weekend all!

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