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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The craft fair!

Very Bazaar
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This is half of my stall at the Very Bazaar at the BAC in London. Here are some more pictures of it and of some other stuff.

Because this was my first ever craft fair, I didn't really know what to expect, so tried not to have any expectations, and my criteria for a smashing success was to sell just one thing.

That may seem like a very small threshold for smashing, however the fact that I participated is a big success for me. Going out on a limb and all that; not knowing how people were going to respond to the stuff I make. I'm happy to say that the reactions were all positive!

I didn't sell a lot (didn't seem like most of the others did either, the turnout was rather small, unfortunately), but I did sell more than one thing, so I'm a happy bunny. And very happy that I participated!

I'll probably have more thoughts about this experience later, but this is it for now. Tomorrow I'm going to have a good ol' tidy; the flat is a right mess from the crafting madness that's been going on this week!

And I think T is going to appreciate that too! But he's been such a trooper - he's so supportive of me. He even came with me today and lugged the suitcase with all my stuff. Thank you, sweetheart.

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