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November 7, 2006


Knitted scarf
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I finally finished my scarf. I toooootally love the colours. It's almost three metres long. It had to be because it's a skinny scarf so if it's going to do its scarf-y job, it has to be long so I can wrap it around my neck several times!

I actually finished the scarf on the weekend, but because I worked all day yesterday, there was no daylight for me to photograph it in. That's one of the really horrible things about where work: no proper exposure to daylight for most of the days of the week.

I'm just stuck in a box with artificial light all day, so you don't really have an idea what time it is. And there's no clock there. I guess it's kinda like casinos, where the object is to make people forget about time and place so they stay (and fork out some cash)...

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