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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sad little heart

Wonky heart
Originally uploaded by wardi.
It's my day off, yay! Time to do some relaxing and crafting. Not much crafting, though, but plenty of relaxing.

I've had the idea for this heart Christmas decoration in my head for a while, and today I thought I'd finally try making it. It turned out less fantastic than the image I had in my head.

It's all wonky-like. The rounds are aren't as round as they are supposed to be, the fabric puckers (how DO you prevent that??) and it's just... not right.

I think I need some sewing lessons... It bugs me that I can't sew things nice and neat. When you're making alien-like softies, it doesn't matter so much, I guess, but in the case of this little heart, you need neat.

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