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December 12, 2006

Hula girl

Hula girl with odd looking hand
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I got a book called Hula a few months ago, because I wanted to do some embroidered Hula girls. I'm not entirely sure why I wanted to do that, but the inspiration came from a similar book called Mexicana which an image of a Hula girl.

Maybe it's not so much the Hula thing, but the style of these illustrations. I don't know. But I love looking at all those old advertising posters from the first half of the last century, i love the lines and colours...

And I find it amusing to see how people back then saw other cultures. Like the Hawaiian and Mexican. And I wonder if we look at other cultures in a similar way. Cause it seems to me that theirs wasn't always terribly nuanced. I hope we're doing better now in that respect...

I'm still not sure what to do with the Hula girls - there will be more than this one. Maybe I'll appliqué them to something, bags perhaps. Or maybe I'll just embroider them for the pure enjoyment. It's all good.

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