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January 21, 2007

Flickr favourites roundup week one

I 'favourite' a lot of photos on Flickr, and then I forget about them!! Well, to 'celebrate' these each week I'm going to make a mosaic (using the Mosaic Maker) of my most recent favourites. Maybe I'll see some patterns in the things I like that way..? Looks like there's an awful lot of blues this week...

1. Studio* Kookii:Kooky, 2. Studio* Kookii:Kooky, 3. Christmas Quilt, 4. Log Cabin Cushion, 5. Leaf Garland, 6. pom-poms galore, 7. vdayGarland, 8. Medusa nematocysta, 9. Petunia: A Snowlady, 10. 010907: Color Pencils, 11. Vintage Silk Braid from Bombay, 12. Giraffe 1, 13. TAST week 2 "Japanese", 14. Head in the Clouds, 15. tree wallhanging, 16. Machine Made Patchworks, 17. Machine Made Patchworks, 18. Machine Made Patchworks, 19. happy 2007, 20. fish fish, 21. wip02, 22. wip01, 23. Whoops! I botched my Whip-lash entry!, 24. Pytaia - Mercado Municipal S.Paulo, 25. DSC00999.JPG, 26. moleskine0001_061111.jpg, 27. squirrel and trees embroidery, 28. Japanese Embroidery Book, 29. Japanese Embroidery Book, 30. Rachael's Book, 31. ISBN4--529-04238-3, 32. onion bag, 33. embroidery book, 34. ISBN4-09-310377-1, 35. Cable Latch, 36. Hearts

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