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January 24, 2007

Magazines I like

It occurred to me that it might be interesting to think about what magazines I like and why. Not sure if I've clarified (to myself or others) why I like them, but there you go. These are some of the magazines I like. In no particular order.

Artists & Illustrators. (UK) I draw and paint so I like to look at stuff other people paint and draw. But because this is also about illustrators, there's also stuff in it that's not "fine" art. And I like that. Especially because I don't really think there should be a divide between what is "fine" and what isn't.

Juxtapoz. (US) I just really dig this magazine. The art is so different and interesting. It inspires me to no end. Although a lot of it is 'dark' and I don't make dark stuff, I think it's really refreshing. Maybe as an antidote to all the cute and colourful..!

Living Design. (DK) This is a Danish magazine which kinda reminds me of Wallpaper*. It used to be called LD+, but I guess that was too odd.

Embroidery. (UK) From Embroiderers' Guild. I only just discovered this magazine and from what I've seen by just flicking through it this afternoon (I'm saving it for the plane tomorrow!) it looks pretty damn good. Very inspiring. I think the kinds of magazines I'm most attracted to are the ones that inspire me to make something, but don't necessarily tell me what or how.

Modart. (EU) It's art, especially graffiti and street art related. I don't do graffiti, but I find the esthetic really inspiring.

Selvedge. (UK) This issue was the very first one I ever saw. Last February (or January) I went to Denmark and a lady on the plane was reading it. It looked interesting, but I couldn't quite gather what it was about. Now I know, and I totally love it. It has lovely photos and very insightful articles. Just a shame that it's so expensive! But I guess quality comes at a price, eh?

Cloth Paper Scissors. (US) Although I'm not really into the sort of things they do in this magazine, I find it very inspiring. I love the density of some of the artwork they feature. Layers and depth me like-y.

Art Actuel. (FR) A lovely French art magazine. I have this very issue, but it's almost 6 years old. I think I need to go to France soon!

Adorn. (US) Lots of colour in this magazine. And I like colour. The more the better. Although sometimes less is more too.

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