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Saturday, January 6, 2007

New fabric

Don't you just love IKEA? The fabrics in this post are all from IKEA, they have so many lovely designs at the moment. I want most of it! ;-)

This actually isn't a fabric they have there, it was in a scrap bin, it's a huge piece (I think it might have been a curtain or something) and I got it for £5! I said to T: I HAVE to have this! He didn't complain at all! I think it's because he likes purple (which I didn't know till recently..) so he could see some sense in it coming home with us!

I might use it to make some cushions covers for the living room. It feels like we need a bit of change in there... But it could also just as easily become a bag, as it is quite thick.

I can't wait to do some sewing again. The last couple of months it has mainly been little things, because I couldn't be bothered after being at work. But now I'll be working a lot less, so I'll have lots of time to do all the fun stuff again! ;-)

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