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January 13, 2007

TAST week two

TAST week two: buttonhole stitch
Originally uploaded by wardi.
Like I haven't got enough things I want to do, I stumbled upon something called theTake A Stitch Tuesday challenge. It's basically taking one embroidery stitch every week and experimenting with it.

This is perfect for me, because one of my resolutions this year is to get to know a lot more about embroidery; the history, embroidery in different countries etc. So having a bit of fun with it like this is just great!

I missed the first week (I guess I could always go back and do it anyway), so I'm starting with week two: the buttonhole stitch. I haven't had time to really experiment with it, like using different threads, so changing the size and doing the stitches on top of each other will have to do!

Apart from the blurry picture, I'm quite happy with it. I like how it kinda looks like a weird landscape of sorts. But what I really like, and what is one of the things I love about embroidery, is how it feels to run my fingers over the layered stitches. Very tactile.

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