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January 5, 2007

Turner in sketches!

Way back in October I mentioned seeing some of JMW Turner's sketchbooks at Tate Britain, and I was moaning a bit about not being able to find any books with more of them (I couldn't really find any pictures of them online either. Well! By chance I stumbled upon a link to loads and loads and loads of his sketchbooks. On the Tate's website! (why I didn't think to look there, really is beyond me!).

The pictures in this post are all taken from the sketchbook called from Copenhagen to Dresden Sketchbook [Finberg CCCVII], of special interest to me for obvious reasons! ;-)

I don't know how to explain how... moving I find it to look something like this. In many cases I much prefer the sketches than the finished work (whatever form or medium it takes). There's just something fresh and immediate about sketches that are rarely found in a "finished" work. Maybe because sketches are less "serious", and you just do it. It's more physical, from the heart, than a finished piece perhaps...

They really should make a book with some of those sketches; I'd definitely buy it, and I'm sure others would too!

Go have a look at the sketchbooks, but be warned: there are lots and lots - from the 1780's through the 1840's!!

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