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February 6, 2007

I guess I like green, then!

When we were in Denmark, I bought a green t-shirt and last night I was wearing it and T said "green is your colour" and then he fell asleep.

Tonight when we were having dinner, I asked him "so you think green is my colour?! But pink is my favourite colour!!". And he just laughed and then he proceeded to point out all the green stuff I/we have, saying that I'm always, always attracted to green stuff.

I insist that we have green things for the kitchen: tea towels, plates, utensils - even the washing up liquid!! And most of the vases we have: green! I picked all of them!

Isn't it weird? All this time I thought pink was my favourite colour, when maybe it was green all along... 'Cause looking around the flat, there are loads of green things (but also quite a few pink ones!).

But it's not just any green I gravitate towards, it's vibrant lime and bottle greens. And dang, do I ever go for those! The mosaic above shows the kind of greens I dig. Just looking at that mosaic makes me smile... so maybe green is my favourite colour..!

What's your favourite colour?

1. acid green, 2. Green paper bag, 3. Green Combo Button Badges, 4. green chair, 5. Contents of Green Button Drawer, 6. trees, 7. Green Stripe Buttons, 8. Four Green Buttons Pin, 9. Green charm bracelet, edited, 10. Green Caramel Corn, 11. Detail, 12. Lime green daisy, 13. Lime Green Squares, 14. green paisley fabric shabby chic style, 15. Liner - Sherlock, 16. Sari fabric, 17. Green bottles, 18. fabric: new greens, 19. Green Bottles, 20. green bottle, 21. green chair, 22. lime green 2, 23. Rural America [Lime Green with a Red Twist], 24. Lime Green Margarita, 25. Lime Green, 26. The Green Chair, 27. Lime Green Door (and a Half), 28. railng, 29. green chair pink wall, 30. paint peeling, 31. img93m.jpg, 32. i love this vitra algae, in green, 33. Color, 34. ., 35. Green Scene, 36. hostel green.

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