Thursday, February 15, 2007

My new pincushion

My new pincushion
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I made a new pincushion. Yeah, that's a shocker! But this is one I'm actually using. Even bigger shock!

I'm getting quite a collection of pincushions, what with the Pincushion Challenge and all, but I don't really use them. They're my fancy pincushions! ;-)

This one isn't very fancy, just a, well, cushion that I stitched across with my sewing machine to just give it a wee bit of decoration. The fabric is from a thrifted pillow case. See how that's all coming together? Pincushion made from a pillow case? Well, I think it's funny, anyway.

And speaking of cushions and such, I'm working on new covers for our sofa cushions. We've had the current ones for a looong time and it's time for a change! Should be done in a couple of days. Hopefully. ;-)

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