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February 24, 2007

Stencilled fabric

Stencilled fabric
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I was so inspired by the shadows in this photo I had to use it for something. So I made a stencil from it, using the freezer paper method.

So far I've stencilled it on a t-shirt, on a Moleskine cahier (btw, I can't recommend ironing freezer paper onto these cahiers... must find another method!) and on this fabric.

If you plan on using a freezer paper stencil to decorate fabric in a similar way, I recommend making more than one stencil. If you don't, you have to wait for the excess paint on the stencil to dry before you iron it on the fabric again. Takes. a. long. time. Unless of course you have a designated crafting/messy iron that you don't mind gets a bit dirty...

I could happily have stencilled a lot more of the fabric (apart from the fact that I had only made one stencil, so it took. a. long. time.), and what is it about stencilling that makes it so addictive?? Or is that just me? ;-)

Not yet sure what I'm going to make from "my" fabric, but it is quite sturdy, so maybe a bag of some kind.

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