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March 20, 2007

Ain't no square, granny!

Granny triangles
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I have no "designated" yarn for crocheting yet, so I had to use a bit of the tapestry wool my mum sent me last year. I've not had a real use for it until now, so it's kinda lucky I had it. But using tapestry wool to crochet isn't very economical. I like the feel of it, though. Wool is so nice and warm.

These are some of my favourite colours, and as I was making the triangles, the colours made me think of ice cream. There's the mint flavour, pistacchio, strawberry/raspberry, melon...

I don't know what to do with these triangles! What do you make from 6 crocheted triangles?? Maybe if I get my hands on some more tapestry wool, I'll make myself a scarf or something... Or maybe I'll just take them out from time to time to look at the colours...

Oh and, check out the fabric under the triangles, it's our new ironing board cover - I totally love it, it's so pretty! It almost makes ironing T's shirts a pleasure (orrr not). And only £2.50 from... that place where I work.. ;-)

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