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March 21, 2007

Getting there, ever so slowly

I've been working on drawings of stuff found in our kitchen cupboards since the end of September. That's almost six months! I can't believe it's been taking me this long to get 18 drawings done. Above are the most recent ones.

But the thing is, we tend buy the same stuff all the time. And the things I draw must be taller than they are wide. I'm picky about the colours too, and I think that might be the main reason why I've been taking so long. Quite a lot of the things we have in the kitchen cupboards are heavy on the red and green, so I guess I've been waiting for some variety..!

Anyway, I'm just over half way done, there'll be 30 drawings once I'm done - I'm doing them in a small Moleskine cahier. After this I think I'm going to do make-up, shampoo etc. Below are the drawings I've done so far, bigger versions can be seen in the Flickr set: Kitchen cupboard cohabitants.

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