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March 7, 2007

Snow over London

London pincushion
Originally uploaded by wardi.
Nah, not really snow, but a wee snow globe like pincushion. Ever since I made the Winter Wonderland one, I knew I had to do more. You know, the touristy kind of snow globe. What city should I do next?

It is very satisfying to stitch the snow, and I love how it feels to run my fingers over them. Cutting out the skyline silhouette was a bit tricky, and I'm not sure it is that obvious that it's London, unless you know of course. The silhouette goes all the way around the globe, so you really have to click on over to the Flickr set to see the rest of the 'sides'...

* * *

And here are the bunnies I've been hinting at. They'll go in the shop in the next couple of days. They are Easter egg cozies, but really, they are just as perfect for just standing around looking cute/pretty. There'll be three sets of four, with one of each colour.
Whole bunch'a bunnies!

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