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April 18, 2007

Ahhh, green!

New green bowls and dishes
Originally uploaded by wardi.
My guy really does know me so well. I love green and never even realised it until he pointed it out to me.

The last week I've added a bit more to my 'collection' of green. Which, by the way, is mainly a kitchen thing; green bowls, plates, tea towels etc.

Anyway, isn't this bowl just the prettiest thing ever? Just look at the edging! This is why I like going to TK Maxx, they do have a lot of crap, but then sometimes you find something like that bowl.

The dish is from ILVA, a Danish furniture store that opened over here last year. We've actually not been there until now... It's kinda odd going into a store which is essentially Danish style. I'm happy to say that there seemed to be quite a lot of people there, so maybe there's hope still for the decor taste of the English. ;-)

And we had a really weird experience in ILVA. When we came up the stairs to the first floor, there was a couple of customers sitting in some of the sofas on display.

This is nothing unusual, I think you will agree, but they were actually sitting there eating sandwiches! The brought from home, wrapped in foil kind of sandwich. How weird is that??

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