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Monday, May 28, 2007

Things that are nice

Getting two new Japanese craft books.
Realising once again that you really can find anything you need on eBay.
Tony wearing a (not OTT, but still!) flowery shirt, which he picked himself.
Wearing my favourite dress.
Drinking a little bit of red wine.
Eating yummy chocolate cake.
Making a decision.
Not working on a bank holiday.
Snuggling with my sweetie before getting out of bed.
Staying in bed 'till nine o'clock!
Lounging indoors watching films.
Going for a walk in the rain and wind. Brisk!
Seeing that at least one of my croffiti tags is still there.
Having dinner (roast) which I didn't make.
Drinking chocolate milk.
Continue work on my ripple blanket.
Starting another ripple blanket!

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