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June 25, 2007

Mosaic Monday, June 25

I used the tag 'turquoise' in the Mosaic maker to see what might come out of it. I like the randomness and the prettiness, but especially that it's not all completely turquoise !

1. x abandoned_20070409_082, 2. Branches of Turquoise Leaves Holding the Sun, 3. sherbet, 4. Babette Blanket Redux Progress, 5. turquoise, 6. Chunky Turquoise nugget & Bali sterling bracelet, 7. H2O, 8. Untitled, 9. Blue4, 10. Happy Octopus, 11. anyone got a lighter?!, 12. Fabric 2, 13. Fabric 3, 14. closed, 15. Artichokes, 16. June 23: Sure-Bet!

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