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August 11, 2007

Day at the beach

Don't you just love deck chairs?! We went to the beach today! At Southend. It was an absolutely lovely, perfect day. Sun and not a cloud in the sky. We got there early, which was good, because around noon, the beach was pretty packed and parking would have been an absolute nightmare!

We brought our lunch, blanket, sunscreen and books etc to keep us entertained. When we weren't just looking at the other people. Some people just have no idea how they appear to other people. Yes, I'm talking to you, beer-gut-hanging-out-butt-crack-showing-guy. Yikes, whenever he bent over to pick up something...

The chavs were out in full force, complete with tarty girls with more gold jewellery than you can shake a stick at, masculine-looking women in 'Burberry' caps, drunk uncle trying to bribe nephew to behave. But the nephew just screamed. And honestly, did "I thought you was my best mate, but if you don't do like I say, I guess you're not" ever work on a three-year-old?!

Then there was the lone guy who had a bottle of vodka which he slowly mixed into an even smaller bottle of Sprite, occasionally leaving his towel to take a swim. Very strange.

We got sand in our shoes, had lemon ice cream, got a little sunburnt, which proves that, yes, places that aren't covered well in sunscreen will get burnt in the midday sun. All in all, a nice day out, almost like being on holiday!

Ha! As I was typing all this, Tony asked me: are you writing about Southend? (me: uh-huh) about butt-man? (yup). Then he laughed. ;-)

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