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August 15, 2007

Look what I got!!!

Yikes - look how pretty the paper is, and the card; so cute! It came in the mail today. When Tony came home and told me that there was a package for me from my friend Mette in Denmark (Hej Mette!), my first thought was "oh no! I managed to send her birthday present while she was on holiday and now it's been returned to me!"

But it wasn't, thank the Force. No, she's sent me some lovely pretties as a thank you! Just look at that matryoshka doll face on the box she decoupaged for me - I love Russian nesting dolls, and she knew that. And ribbon/fibres in such pretty colours I can barely stand it.

Oh and that fabric... I must have a good think and come up with a project that's worthy of such beauty.

There was a lovely letter as well, which is one of the best things to receive in this age of email..!
And in that letter she told me she reads this here blog, which is pretty neat, 'cause I didn't think anyone from "back home" did that.

Tak, søde Mette! :-)

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