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Monday, August 13, 2007

Mosaic Monday, August 13

I used the tag 'jylland', which is the Danish name for the peninsula where I grew up. English-speaking folks may know it as Jutland. It is the largest part of Denmark, the bit that is connected to Germany. In less than a week we will be there! To say that I'm excited and can barely wait, is a gross under-exaggeration!

1. Fisher's Rest, 2. Doverodde Marina, 3. Bovbjerg Fyr III, 4. Dunes II, 5. One of Four, 6. Engbjerg Kirke, 7. Three of Four, 8. assentoft, 9. DSC_3373, 10. henning skulptur, 11. DSC_3372_2, 12. brukthandel, 13. hilde, 14. brukthandel2, 15. alee, 16. centrum el

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