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August 26, 2007

Tomatos, apples, flowers

We're back from Denmark. Arrived home laaaate Friday night (or eaaaaarly Saturday morning, depending on how look at it), because there was an hour delay with our return flight. Yikes!

We had a good time. Read some Danish books (me), baked yummy cake (Tony), visited friends and played the Wii, resulting in a sore arm/shoulder (me).

Ate Danish food, mum's home-made bread, drank Danish chocolate milk (me), ate Danish potato chips (Tony, mostly).

Went to the city: Ã…rhus. Bought lots of yarn! magazines! fabric! ribbon! Danish liquorice!

But now we're back and I'm trying to squeeze as much holiday feeling out of today and tomorrow as I can. But it is hard, because I had to work today. And tomorrow as well, despite it being a bank holiday! Tony won't go back to work until Tuesday, so, as far as I'm concerned, I'm pretending like I don't have to either. Yeah, denial is a wonderful magic trick...

The pictures are from my parents' garden.

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