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September 23, 2007

For you...

I'm using this picture as a wallpaper on my computer; I thought you might like it too. Just click on it to go to the large version (1024x768 px - if you'd like an even larger version, I'll be happy to make one). Those are asters. I never realised that I liked them before. But I do.

Tony is watching Superman on telly and I (like the geek I am) am keeping an eye on the last leg of my parents' flight home from the US. I must admit, I don't much like trans-atlantic flights. All that water, for so long. I shall be glad when they are back home. So I can call them - I've not spoken to my mum in two weeks! ;-) I hope they've had a splendid holiday visiting my sister. I wish I could go visit her... but that wont happen for some time, unfortunately!

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