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November 16, 2007


I'm feeling thoughtful tonight. This picture is taken in my morfar's (my mum's dad) bedroom a couple of years ago. Or, I should say former bedroom... Today my parents have helped him move to his new 'digs' in a retirement flat - or whatever you want to call it: he has his own bedroom and kitchen etc, but there's staff on hand to help. And he does need help these days. He used to be doing fine, but in the last year he's not been well at all. He needs to be somewhere where there's help close by.

It must be strange for him, though. He's lived in his house for probably sixty years, so this must be quite a change for him. He's always taken care of himself and his family (four kids). When my mormor died 20 years ago, he had to learn a whole lot of new things like using the washing machine, cooking and all those things. And he took care of it all. It's only in the last couple of years that things have become hard for him to do.

Of course it will be quite a change for the rest of us. My mum and her brothers will no longer be able to visit him in their childhood home ( it is to be sold), nor will we, the grandchildren, visit the house where we've spent countless holidays. I do hope I'll be able to go see the house one more time before it is sold.

I hope morfar will be ok and settle in his new home. It will be an easier life for him and by now (he's 92) he definitely deserves that. My other grandfather lives in a similar sort of place and he seems quite content with it.

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