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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Encyclopedia Prehistorica - Dinosaurs

Once, in Denmark, Tony spotted this book in a shop and we've both been a little bit obsessed with it. Because we figured it would be the perfect gift for Nephew once he was old enough not to rip it apart.

Well, we finally found it in Borders recently and decided that now he must be old enough for it. So we bought it. Because it has dinosaurs and what boy (or girl, I remember being quite infatuated with dinosaurs when I was little) doesn't love scary dinosaurs? Especially ones that pop out of the page??!

It is so cool. Not only does it have a large pop-up dinosaur in each spread but there are small ones as well, and pop-ups under pop-ups. It is, to put it youthfully, well cool! And look at that picture above: notice the little men in the dinosaur!

I mean, just look at that T-Rex coming out of the page! What's not to love??!

So of course we got one for ourselves. I think you should too. And if you hurry, you might still be able to get it at half price (10 quid) in Borders...

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