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November 13, 2007

A question and pictures

First, the question (for the English readers): do you know of a supermarket where I would be able to find star aniseed? And cloves like you stick in oranges for Christmas?

Below are some pictures from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, the oldest museum in Great Britain and one of the oldest in the world. They had loads of Egyptian stuff... I wish I could have stayed longer to draw some of it! But at least you are allowed to take pictures in that part of the museum, so I can look at those. More pictures in this Flickr set.

Aren't these Eyes of Horus gorgeous?? I really like how they had exhibited the smaller things; same kind of thing together in neat rows and columns.

That colander is just amazing - I wouldn't mind having one like that. It's so intricate.

Parts of the museum had some lovely green marble floors. Which went very nicely with the red walls!

There was quite a lot of jewellery, most of it beads. Sometimes mixed with shells, like here.

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