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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Relief + links

Oi. It never rains but it pours. First we had the weekend from Hell, and tonight Tony had an accident with his bicycle. Some tosser pedestrian crossed the road without looking and Tony didn't have time to stop and crashed into him. Down Tony and the bike went. Thankfully, he's not seriously hurt; he just has some bruises on his arm and knee. Although he is hobbling along, which of course makes me worry. But perhaps that just says more about me than the seriousness of his injury... I'm just glad he's ok. Thank the Force, right?


Alright, I completely forget to mention that my sewing machine mat tutorial was finally on the Sew,Mama,Sew! blog last week. Weee! How cool is that!? It was in a post along with some other neat-o gifts for the crafter, such as a Roll-Up Crochet Hook Case Tutorial and a cool reversible sewing machine cover. You should check out all the gift ideas if you haven't already!

Here's an interesting 'rant on blogging' from Keri Smith. I found myself nodding in agreement several times. Whether you agree with Keri or not, it's sometimes good to think about why (and how?) you do things.

Finally, Lisa Lam has an interview with Amy Karol on eMoms At Home which is also a very nice read.

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