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January 17, 2008

Does it have to be easy?

Today at work I was a bit bored, so my mind started to wander. Why is it that most craft books seem to start from scratch? Many a time I have changed my mind about buying a book when I realised that too much of it was dedicated to the basics. I wonder why this is. Why do authors (or is it perhaps the publishers' fault?) assume that the majority of readers are new to the subject? Which is the conclusion one must make since most books are like this. It's a dumbing down, like they don't think people are capable of finding the basics elsewhere. And no single book can be the go-to book for anything related to a particular topic. Well, rarely anyway.

I wish there were more books which assume that you already know the basics and want to take you further. Which want to challenge the reader. Which brings me to the other thing I was thinking about today. There also seems to be a lot of "quick and easy", "make it in a weekend" craft books. Where are the "slow and difficult", "make it in a month" books? Maybe they don't exist?

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On a completely different note, do you have any fun/cool/lovely/crafty ideas for wedding favours? I've thought about using peanut M&Ms instead of the traditional almonds, because they are colourful and I think we should lots of colours (especially the autumn colour range). I've also been wondering if maybe the favours could be part of the place card or something. And today I was thinking that since Valentines is getting close, the shops are full of heart shaped chocolates (in bright red wrapping) and maybe we could buy some of those (provided that they'll last 'till the autumn, of course). I don't know. This wedding planning is driving me mad (in a good way, of course!), especially because we haven't booked a venue yet, or a ceremony. I'm not even close to having my dress and bla bla bla...

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