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January 9, 2008

Flea Market Style

I love the library, and I especially love it when I presents me with unexpected treasures. Like this book, Flea market Style. Very unexpected, because it's a very cool and fresh book. A lot of the decorating books at the library are, to be honest, slightly out of date. Some of it is still nice, but not something I'd bother taking home with me. But then they surprise you with a gem like this.

I've actually had it on my Amazon wish list (my book bookmarking tool ;-) ) for a while, so of course I had to grab it. And it's fabulous! Some books have a great cover and then the rest of it is so so. Not so with this one. Every page is beautiful; really, I could easily have taken a picture of each and every page.

It guess it doesn't hurt that a lot of the homes in the book feel very Scandinavian.

Like the picture above. That could almost have been my parents' kitchen (before they changed it, anyway), they had one of those plate holders on the wall. If that's the name for it? Only their's is blue. It hangs in one of the bedrooms now.

Right, I think I'll be quiet now and let you just enjoy the pictures. :-)

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