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February 4, 2008

Lemon-y heart morsel

As you might have realised by now, Tony is quite the cake baker (and yes, I did actually look up those links!) and yesterday he made Lemon Drizzle cake. Oh. My. God. That is one yummy cake! But then, I am a sucker for lemon-y, lime-y tasting treats.

And speaking of lemon treats, I've got some pancakes to make for tomorrow - I won't have time to do it tomorrow because I may go on a small adventure to London to a) do some drawing, b) possibly look for a dress, and c) go check out this exhibit at the V&A: Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft. I love the V&A, it's so amazing, but one thing I really dislike is entering it through the underground entrance. They've got some guard type people there, to search people's bags, but it isn't exactly clear if everyone has to be searched or what. So I always walk straight past them, pretending they're not there, because if everybody is supposed to have their bag searched, then they should bloody well make that known to people. But because I try to avoid eye contact with them, I feel like they think I'm some kind of criminal with intentions of running off with the entire silverware collection! Of which I have no intentions; polishing silver is a bloody nuisance! ;-)

Anyway, back to those pancakes. And I'm sorry if this post has been a waste of time for you, it does seem rather pointless, so maybe I should just delete it already. But then, that would make it even MORE pointless, so there we are.

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