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February 5, 2008

Ne sutor ultra crepidam

A couple of crochet experiments inspired by Simple Stylish Crochet. I love the combination of those colours. I think it's very summery, sweet and happy. Reminds me a bit of ice cream. I didn't go to London today and good job I stayed home, 'cause the weather has been terrible! Fingers crossed that it'll be better tomorrow when I am going to the big city!

My mum sent me this fabric for a dog she wants me to make. How cute are those frogs and turtles? And obviously the green is just delicious!

I mention it time and time again how much I like getting mail from my mum with interesting Danish stamps on. This one is commemorating Victor Borge, a hilarious Danish chap who went to America (in the 1940's) and 'made it' over there. You may have heard of his "Phonetic Punctuation" routine. He also got 'distracted' a lot during his shows, which is something Billy Connolly does too. I wonder if he is familiar with Victor Borge...

Once I have the time to write it, there'll be a tutorial for making this. :-)

Lastly, but not least, I loooove this song so much: Alicia Keys, No One.

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