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May 10, 2008

Floss in wee bags

Look, these are the bags I bought last weekend for organising embroidery floss. Each bag has a little hole in it and then you stick it on that little ring in the middle. So far this system is working, but that might be because I've not done any embroidery the past week. I think you are really only supposed to put one skein (erm, is that the right name for it? The heat has started to effect my brain, I suspect...) in each bag, but I threw caution to the wind and put in several! ;-)

Well, I was lying a little bit, I actually did some embroidery last night, but I only used scraps of floss left over from when I organised my floss the other day. So the colours in this are completely random. And I like random, so this is working out rather swell! I have no clue what to use this for, other than using up those odds and ends of floss. Decorating a bag perhaps..?

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