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May 8, 2008

My little house is happy

Look, these are the ink pads I got at Hobbycraft at the weekend (they were on offer, £6.99, they'll go up to £9.99, but you might still be able to nab them at the reduced price, if you are so inclined. They are some lovely colours, huh?

This is what they look like in my sketchbook.

And speaking of sketchbooks -or journals- have you heard of the 1000 journals project (journals set free in the world for people to fill in and maybe they come home, maybe they don't). Now there's a new one, the 1001 journals where anyone can send a journal out into the world and you can share with anyone or a group of people.

So I was thinking, would some of you be interested in 'sharing' a journal (sketchbook, whatever you wanna call it)? You don't have to be able to draw or paint or anything. You can collage or write or embroider the pages..anything... Any takers? ;-)

Did I strike gold or what on Tuesday? I was walking down Berwick Street when I stumbled upon a lovely little art supply shop. Of course I had to go in! And look at this: 45 watercolour half pans for £20. Considering I paid 1.35 for a single one in Hobbycraft... Oh yeah, SCORE!

Anyway. The reason my little house is happy is that first it showed up on the fab blog allsorts (which I think you should read!) and then it popped up* on Cuteable (also fab and read-worthy!) It's funny, because it's ages since I made that little house, but lately I've been thinking of plush houses again.

The secret life of Star Wars action figures. Very cool. Can't remember where I found the link...

*Thank you to the lovely Kristal of rikrak for letting me know about this one! :-)

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