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May 3, 2008

Pink & green + QI

Today we went to another town so I could spend the vouchers Tony's parents gave me for my birthday for Hobbycraft. I got some embroidery floss, a hoop, some little bags to (hopefully!) help keep my floss organised, a pen for drawing on porcelain and a big (30!) tub of small ink pads and one Cotman half pan watercolour. Don't you just LOVE new craft supplies?!

We also went in some charity shops, but no treasure was to be found. For me anyway, Tony got some books. :-)

On Tuesday we are going to be in the audience for QI! It is first come basis, so there's a slight risk we might not be able to get in. but fingers crossed! I lurrve QI, one. because I love random facts and two, because it is REALLY funny! I would like to see any combination of the following on the 'panel': Sean Lock, Bill Bailey, Rich Hall, Jimmy Carr, Vic Reeves, or Dara O'Briain.

I'm meeting Tony after work (the filming is in the evening), but I'm going up to London before then. Not sure what to do, though. Maybe go draw dead animals at the National History Museum? Or see a free exhibition somewhere? Any ideas?

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