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June 21, 2008

Garden makeover

This morning we went to the garden centre to get some new pots for our lavender plants.

We ended up getting a few new plants as well, so now our 'garden' looks like this. Lovely. Four different plants, so we should get a long season of prettiness. If they all survive, of course. But we really want them to and I also finding myself increasingly interested in plants. Although, whether that is just a fascination with their shapes and Latin names, I'm not quite sure!

Look at that little chap in the red pot on the right. It used to live in one of the terracotta planters with one of the lavenders. It must be incredibly hardy, because not only has it survived my skills as a gardener. But the lavender roots had more or less taken over the whole of the planters, so it's quite amazing that the little plant survived that too.

Best thing about this plant business is seeing Tony digging in (sorry, that was a terrible pun) and getting his hands dirty. His dad loves his garden and so did his granddad, so I have hopes for our future (proper) garden.

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