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Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting to know you - Anna, of Three Sneaky Bugs

Hooray! It's time for another interview. I can't remember how I got in touch with Anna (maybe she left a comment here - that is my favourite way of finding new peeps to interview), but it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that Anna is super nice and she is an example of why I started doing these interviews in the first place.

When I asked her if I could interview her, this was her reply (I hope she doesn't mind my posting it): Seriously? I'd be honored. Although I really don't think my work is on par with your other interviewees. I'm very new to this blogging world.

I truly believe that it doesn't matter what your skill level or your ambition is, everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes the less you think you know, the more interesting your story is. Meaning that you haven't got a ready answer so some thinking must take place. If that makes sense, he he. Also, don't we all sometimes feel like everything we do is absolute pants? I know I do. So this is also a way of encouraging people. To say: it's amazing that you do something, keep it up!

Alrighty. Enough of my pontificating. Here's Anna:

Your name
Anna, of Three Sneaky Bugs :: blog :: flickr ::

Where in the world are you?
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Briefly describe yourself and what you make
I’m a bit of a renaissance woman, making a little of this and a little of that but never fully achieving an expert level on any one thing. I dabble in collage, bookmaking, beading, paper crafts and photography to name a few. Give me the materials and I’ll try just about anything. Right now I seem to be concentrating on knitting and children’s projects, but it changes with the seasons.

Who or what inspires you?
Other crafty bloggers, my friends, my parents, my children. Anything and everything can inspire if you let it.

When / how did you learn?
Some skills have been self taught, others from blog tutorials or books and still others from friends and family. A few classes here and there haven’t hurt either. However, when it comes down to it my parents laid the foundation for my creative thought process. Thank you mom and dad!

Why do you 'bother' to make things by hand?
It’s satisfying, engaging and entertaining. Not only is it a great hobby but I end up with a finished product that’s better than anything I could buy in a store because it suits my personality or needs to a T. Homemade gifts also mean more because of the love and thoughtfulness but into them. Going beyond the immediate to the big picture, I believe it’s important to teach my children to at least appreciate the arts and find it to be more earth friendly than buying the latest plastic gizmo shipped from afar and packaged in enough materials to make a second product.

What is your craft ”philosophy”?
Never say ”can’t”.

Fondest craft-related memory?
Not sure I could narrow it down to just one.

Can you reveal a little about your creative process?
Think, think, think, gather materials, sit on them for a year or two and then dive in. Probably not the best way to go about things. I’m hoping to get a little more organized over the next year. I think it will really help me get to that next level with my projects.

How do you deal with crafty mistakes?
I either learn from it or go with it. Sometimes the biggest mistakes have turned into my best creations.

Favourite book(s) or craftbook(s)?
Any books I can get my hands on at the library. Even bad books can inspire, sometimes even more so. I envision how I would have done something different than the author. It’s very motivating.

Do you have a designated craft space? What does it mean to you?
I wish!

Do you use a sketchbook or journal?
I probably should.

Why is crafting good for you?
If feeds my soul and provides a constructive focus.

Is your craft a business as well? Any advice on running a crafty business?
No, but I think that would be a fun challenge some day.

What impact (if any) has the internet had on your craft?
Huge! I’ve been both inspired to try new things as well as motivated to complete my own projects.

Do you make art or craft? Is there a difference?
I love this question because every person answers so differently. I do both art and craft, finding them to be equally important. I think the term craft has gotten an undeserved bad reputation. To me, craft is the act of making something specific according to prescribed guidelines and may or may not involve a great deal of skill. Art happens when a person makes they’re own interpretation of something. For example building a cabinet or even a house from a blueprint is a craft but designing it is art. Knitting a sweater is a craft but choosing a different yarn, color combination or creating your own pattern is when art comes into play.

If you could make any project without limits to cost, materials or even skill, what would it be?
I would love to be able to draw/sketch. I seem to have some sort of mental block in this area. I’ll keep trying though.

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