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June 10, 2008

Here, there and everywhere

So, I didn't go to London. But it's ok, I got some long overdue tidying done and that is GOOD. Not as interesting as looking at art in the big city, but there we are, enjoying the very simple things. Like looking at the lavenders which seemingly overnight have become all spiky with shoots just waiting to burst into flower. And the peonies slowly opening to reveal their true beauty.

I also put my name on the list to be a beta tester of Spoonflower (that fabric on demand site that all the kids are talking about). I mean, I had to, right?

If you feel like it, feel free to add me to your friends on Facebook (just search for my name). I am still trying to figure out what the heck you use it for. Other than waste time on silly games and stuff. I really don't get it.

Oh, I gotta just vent a little bit. It really annoys me when people on Flickr bulk invite ALL OF THEIR BLOODY CONTACTS to whatever group they are a part of. To me that's as bad as spam! And it also really annoys me when groups only have group descriptions in, say, Portuguese. Why can't you have just one sentence briefly describing what the group is about? That really turns me off joining a group. Especially if it's a group that has rules - how can you follow rules when you don't know what they are? Ridiculous.

Anyway. In an effort to try and reduce the ever growing piles of things I've made, I'm thinking of selling off these guys. The embroidery (mounted on canvas) for £45 incl. postage and the Happyscape for £25 incl. postage. Email me if you're interested. Tony would thank you, he wouldn't be sorry to see some of my creations go out into the world. ;-)

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