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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let's do a project together!

Remember I mentioned the 1001 journals project a little while ago? (sorry, I'm too lazy to find that post right now, so I'm counting on you having a good memory!) Well, I recently got some new sketchbooks, including one intended for the journals project. So if you're (still) interested, get in touch so we can get it under way! This sketchbook is not hardback, but is quite sturdy, and the paper is great (Acid-free 140gsm. Extra wet strength). It's from my favourite sketchbook makers (seawhite in Brighton.) The nature of a project like this means that only one person can end up with the finished objet d'art, so what I was thinking we could do is scan all the pages (which we have to do if we go through the 'official' site anyway) and then make them into a book using one of the print on demand sites.

The book has 19 spreads, so that's the maximum number of people who can join in. If we're less than that, some of us get to take an extra turn. I'm still considering exactly how to organise it all. I guess it also depends on how many of you want to play, right? It would be cool if lots of you would like to play, though! :-)

And you don't have to be able to draw or anything. If you want to write something or make a collage that is awesome. It really is mostly about making something and inspiring each other. The taking part is what matters. Please leave a comment or email me if you want to take part!

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I have listed a couple of new things in the shop, my colourful embroidery and a completely new thing. Gocco'ed bookmarks! I really love them! There are 2 sets of those available. :-)

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Earlier today I put up a new post on the Feeling Stitchy blog, maybe you'd like to check it out; it has a challenge! :-)

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